Likrat is Hebrew for «approaching each other». The rapprochement is between Jewish teenagers and students of the same age in the Likrat dialogue project sponsored by the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG).

In their role as peer educators, Likratinos, as they are known, are invited to school classes to talk about Judaism. During a Likrat encounter, the pupils are allowed to ask anything about Judaism – all questions are welcome. In this way, the Jewish youths are able to put a face to Judaism – something that a text book simply can’t do.

«I found it really interesting. All of my questions were answered. For example, why the Nazis hated the Jews. I also learnt more about kosher and about the Sabbath. Now I can tell my parents something about Judaism. It was really helpful, I would definitely recommend it. It was just great.»
Karin, student

The dialogue with young Jews offers a lively, lasting and informative experience. Students are able to ask questions and therefore gain an insight into Jewish life in Switzerland. What’s fascinating about this form of dialogue is that a closeness is created among the young people because they are the same age and can get together on an equal footing. This makes learning easier for students and maximizes their capacity for learning.

«Likrat – the film» – Jewish youths visit a school class in the Zürcher Oberland

Jewish youths visited a school class in the Zürcher Oberland as part of a Likrat encounter and spoke there about their Jewish identity. Most of the pupils had never met a Jewish person before this Likrat encounter and hardly knew anything about Jewish life. A film team went along to a Likrat encounter for the first time.

President of the Swiss Confederation Alain Berset and National Council Member Lisa Mazzone also speak about Likrat (in German and French) in the teaser to the documentary.

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