Review of Likrat Public summer project 2019

After three weeks of activities, Likrat Public departed again from the mountain regions. It had helped improve the interaction between Jewish guests and the local population and foster mutual understanding.

A place that, a week ago, was still bustling with Jewish guests strolling around, shopping, and hiking, has now taken a rather quiet turn. The three weeks after the Tisha B’Av day of fasting and mourning are now over, which also signals the end of the high season for Jewish guests in Switzerland’s Alpine regions. Among those making their way back home were also the Likrat Public mediators who had been out and about in Arosa, Davos, and the Saastal during this time with hopes of educating people about Judaism and fostering understanding between the locals and the Jewish guests. When asked for an initial conclusion, Project Manager Jonathan Schoppig said: «The dedication of the Likratinos was unbelievable. They spent ten to twelve hours a day on the ground committed to the cause. And this commitment was worthwhile – as confirmed by everyone we met.»

Two years in the making culminating in full-scale implementation

After two years of planning, researching, looking for partners, and completing test runs, the pilot season of the Likrat Public summer project got under way in June 2019. The first step involved the two tourist associations Switzerland Tourism and hotelleriesuisse publishing the «Jewish guests in Switzerland» brochure, which raises awareness about the Jewish culture, tradition, and religion, as well as the diversity of Jewish life. As a second step, SIG also published the «Welcome to the Swiss Alps» information guide for Jewish guests, which explains Swiss culture and helps them understand local practices.

The third measure in the project was finally launched on August 12, with Jewish mediators spending time in Arosa, Davos, and the Saastal. Experience gained during this time showed that educating people on the ground and distributing information brochures largely met with a positive response. The Jewish guests seemed surprised that they were being approached on the street and assisted in Hebrew or Yiddish. The tourist information offices found it easier to advise Jewish guests. The locals also welcomed the project with open arms. The mediators were clearly able to create a basis of trust, as demonstrated by a steady increase in direct contact in the form of people reaching out with questions or in the case of problems.

The inauguration of a Torah scroll paired with a clarifying encounter

The inauguration of a Torah scroll in Davos attracted a great deal of attention, with the rare event drawing in around 2,000 people. The resulting traffic hold-ups and the size of the approved gathering led some of the locals to express their displeasure on social media. However, the mediators and SIG were able to respond quickly. Specifically, the locals were able to find out about the background to the celebration with the help of the local paper «Davoser Zeitung». A Likrat Public meeting, open to the general public in Davos, was a further opportunity to spread information. The basic principle of a Likrat encounter is simple: Likratinos and Likratinas listen, clarify, and explain everything relating to Judaism. More than 50 locals showed up on this Thursday evening in a cafe, and heated debates ensued lasting for more than three hours.

The same again in 2020?

The debriefings and analyses are still in progress, but what we can already say is that the commitment of the mediators, as measured by the positive feedback, met with great approval. SIG will also continue to rely on its dedicated and involved project partners. This means that there is little in the way of relaunching this pioneering project again in 2020.

Likrat Public summer project 2019

  • Major media coverage

    The concept and the implementation of the summer project has attracted an enormous media response. Almost all major media companies and, of course, the local media, deployed journalists to the various locations to report on the background of and work being carried out as part of the project. Here is a selection of the reports.




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