Do you serve kosher breakfasts? Can I use a non-electronic key on Saturday? Could you please leave the light on in my room? Perhaps you sometimes get questions like this from Jewish hotel guests. Likrat Public shows you how to handle such situations.

Cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings, especially in the tourist industry. The Likrat Public project was launched to help prevent this from happening. The goal is to help non-Jewish organisations better understand their Jewish customers. In a Likrat-Public encounter, employees then have the opportunity to clarify uncertainties in behaviour, communication, wishes and questions in dealing with Jewish customers or guests.

Likrat Public – increasing understanding with encounters

The meetings are conducted by specially-trained young Jewish adults. These meetings can be held as part of a continuing education course, team-building activities, or as a stand-alone event. During the encounters, the employees can ask the Likrat-Public representatives all questions about Judaism and about Jewish guests and customers. There are no forbidden, wrong or stupid questions! Participants receive important information about Judaism that helps to avoid misunderstandings or solve problems.

Previous Likrat encounters

Likrat Public has already successfully held a number of these events in holiday resorts such as Arosa, Davos and Saas-Grund. Events have also been held for hotel staff, such as at the St. Josef Hotel, the Alexander Hotel, the FIFA Ascot Hotel and the Four Points Hotel, all in Zurich. In the health sector, an event was held for Wollishofen Physiotherapy and at the Alpamare Wellness Spa.

Local mediators

Likrat Public plans to locate Jewish mediators at selected tourist destinations in the summer of 2019 and 2020. They will be available to answer questions from Jewish tourists and local tourism representatives, and will also offer mediation services.

Likrat Public is a service offered by the SIG, the umbrella organisation of Jewish communities in Switzerland, and a further development of the Likrat dialogue project, which is aimed at schoolchildren.

For questions and bookings, please contact Likrat Public at Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or by telephone on +41 (0)43 305 07 65.

  • Summer project 2019

    At the beginning of July 2019, the two tourist associations Switzerland Tourism and hotelleriesuisse published the information guide «Jewish guests in Switzerland.» The aim of the guide is to raise awareness about the Jewish culture, tradition and religion as well as the diversity of Jewish life. At the same time, the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG) is publishing an information guide for Jewish guests which explains Swiss culture and should help them understand local behavior. Both guides are measures of the 2019 Likrat Public Summer project.


  • For Jewish travelers

    For this summer season 2019, Likrat Public will publish a guide for Jewish travelers. This guide is intended to provide you with an overview not only on kosher food and synagogues, but also other important things which can be helpful during your visit.


  • Encounter at the Ascot

    The FIFA Hotel Ascot in Zurich hosted a Likrat Public encounter in December 2017. The hotel is popular with Jewish guests and the hotel staff are used to interacting with them. 15 employees attended the encounter, which lasted about an hour. They were interested in and actively involved in this exchange. «Today I received answers to any questions that I wouldn’t ask our Jewish guests directly,” said Front Office Manager Caroline after the meeting of almost one hour. «That’s why this meeting was really very interesting.»




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