Engage yourself for more knowledge about Judaism, for more understanding and respect and thus against prejudices, intolerance and hatred. Become Likratino or Likratina!

Many people in Switzerland know very little about Judaism, traditions, culture or the diversity that exists in Judaism. Above all, however, many have never met a Jew in person, let alone spoken to him or her. Here you can help!

«I decided to take part in Likrat because this is the only way to fight against prejudices about Judaism. We can show pupils that we are just normal Swiss teenagers, because often we are the first Jews that they have ever met.»
Ari, Likratino

At Likrat we train you to be a Likratino or a Likratina. In several seminars you will learn new insights about Judaism, how to present yourself with confidence in front of a school class and how to react to critical questions.

«I recommend Likrat to everyone interested in learning more about their religion as well as others. In the training seminars you learn a lot about your own religion and get to talk with Jews from Switzerland who are the same age as you. At Likrat encounters, you will mainly meet open-minded and interested pupils, you will be able to apply what you have learnt there and will also learn something new yourself each time.»
Liora, Likratina

When you’ve finished the training, you then start with the Likrat encounters. As a Likratino or Likratina, you will visit school classes in German-speaking Switzerland in pairs. Together you introduce yourself and Judaism and answer the questions of the pupils. For them, Judaism gets a face with your presence. In this way, you can contribute directly to preventing prejudices from arising in the first place. For your commitment and the time you invest in a Likrat encounter, you will receive an appropriate compensation from us.

The next training round starts in 2020

Also in 2020 we offer training seminars. On a Sunday you will meet other newcomers and already experienced Likrat-pros. Together you develop and learn the lessons that will turn you into a Likratino or Likratina. In November we will even hold one of the seminars in Vienna. You will be informed about this separately.

Sunday, 23 February, Bern

Sunday, 1 March, Baden

Sunday, 26 April, Zurich

November, Vienna

Pictures from Likrat encounters and a Likrat training



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