Likrat has been very successful in Switzerland. That’s why other countries should also be able to benefit from this project. Likrat Switzerland is working with Jewish communities from across Europe to implement the project in other countries. Likrat encounters have been held in Germany since 2007 and in Austria since 2015. The dialogue project was also implemented in Moldavia in 2018.

Likrat Switzerland communicates regularly with the organizers in Germany, Austria and Moldavia and also wants to facilitate communication between Likratinos. That’s why SIG organized a Likrat International seminar for the first time in May 2018. The Likratinos had the opportunity to exchange experiences and get to know one another.

Likrat in Germany

The Likrat project has also been conducted in Germany since 2007 and from 2017 directly by the Central Council of Jews in Germany. Finally, Meet a Jew was created in 2020, a project resulting from the fusion of the successful projects Likrat and Rent a Jew. Meet a Jew is a project of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and is supported by the Federal Programme "Demokratie leben!" of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.


Likrat in Austria

Likrat Austria is a project of the Jewish Community Vienna. The Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities assists Likrat Austria in the implementation of the project. The project is supported, among others, by the Vienna School Board and the Coordination Committee for Christian-Jewish Cooperation. Likrat is also financially supported by the following sponsors: Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, Zukunftsfonds of the Republic of Austria, Federal Ministry of Education, Austrian Federal Chancellery.


Likrat in Moldavia

Likrat Moldova is sponsored, organized and coordinated by the LivingStones Association in partnership and close collaboration with the International Center of Training and Professional Development (ICTPD). It is supported by the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG) and the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova.


Likrat in Peru

Nach Deutschland, Österreich und Moldawien war im Jahr 2019 Peru das vierte Land, welches das Likratprojekt aus der Schweiz adaptierte. Im Herbst 2019 konnten die ersten jüdischen Jugendlichen die Ausbildung zum Likratino oder zur Likratina beginnen. Der Schweizerische Israelitische Gemeindebund (SIG) steht Likrat Peru bei Umsetzung des Projekts mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.


  • A meeting with Likrat Moldova

    Susan Reznik, a Likratino from Basel with roots in Chisinau, attended a Likrat seminar in Moldavia and led a workshop on the theme of identity. Here is her report on Likrat Moldova.


  • Likrat International Weekend 2018

    Likratinas and Likratinos from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Moldavia met in Zurich on the 26 May 2018 for a weekend. The focus was to simulate Likrat encounters with school classes. The teenagers asked one another critical and difficult questions on the themes of Judaism or their identity and were therefore able to develop their skills and make friendships.




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