For Schools

Jewish youths can be invited as peer educators in the context of teaching about Judaism/Israel in a school class. They will offer a personal introduction to Judaism. The project is aimed at students aged 12 to 18 enrolled in secondary or high school. The Jewish dialogue partners (Likratinas and Likratinos) are aged 16 to 22 and have undergone training to become part of the project. They represent the broad spectrum of the Jewish faith.

The encounter with young Jews offers a lively, lasting and educative experience. Students are able to ask questions in order to get in depth insight into Jewish life in Switzerland. The fascinating aspect of this type of dialogue is the closeness it creates when speaking to people one’s own age. A Likrat encounter with your school class enables your students to have an intercultural and interreligious experience, to confront stereotypes and prejudices and to form a personal opinion of Judaism.

For teachers

We recommend including the encounter with Jewish youths in a thematic block focussing on Judaism or Israel. In this block the students should work out the questions they wish to ask the Likratinos.

Likrat encounter program

  • Introductions of the students and the Likratinos
  • Screening of the short film “Encounter with Jewish youths” (in German) and first reactions
  • Information and discussion part: The Likratinos answer questions about Jewish tradition
  • The encounter continues with views and opinions on current issues, the practice of mutual tolerance and trying to find solutions together
  • Duration: 2 lessons (90 Minutes)
  • Costs: CHF 120 per class

After the encounter we will ask you to have the students fill out our feedback form and to send it to us via post or email. We naturally also appreciate any feedback from the teacher.

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«Likrat – der Film» – Jüdische Jugendliche besuchen eine Schulklasse im Zürcher Oberland

Jüdische Jugendliche hatten im Rahmen einer Likrat-Begegnung eine Schulklasse im Zürcher Oberland besucht und dort über ihr Jüdischsein gesprochen. Die meisten der Schülerinnen und Schüler hatten vor dieser Likrat-Begegnung noch nie eine jüdische Person gesehen und kaum etwas über jüdisches Leben gewusst. Mit dem Dialogprojekt Likrat des Schweizerischen Israelitischen Gemeindebunds SIG sollen Hemmschwellen und Vorurteile abgebaut und Verständnis und Wissen zum Judentum gefördert werden. Zum ersten Mal hat ein Filmteam eine Likrat-Begegnung begleitet.

Im Teaser zum Dokfilm kommen auch Bundespräsident Alain Berset und Nationalrätin Lisa Mazzone zu Wort.


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