Likrat (hebr. “Towards”) aims at fostering dialogue between students and their Jewish peers. This is achieved through Jewish youths being invited to school classes to speak about Judaism. Through dealing with another religion and being confronted with different values and practices, understanding and tolerance for Judaism and other minorities is achieved. The dialogue project is organised and coordinated by the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG).

The Jewish youths are intensively prepared for the encounters with the school classes. Besides being trained in knowledge transfer and rhetoric an emphasis is put on simulating encounters.

The project Likrat has been active in the German part of Switzerland since 2003, and has organized over 1'200 encounters with more than 15’000 students.

In 2015 the successful project was also launched in the French speaking part of Switzerland. This enables school classes in the Romandie to profit from the project.

Even Swiss Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter referred to the project Likrat in his opening speech at the OSZE conference 2014 in Berlin. He said: „I would also like to draw your attention to Likrat, an interesting leadership and dialogue project that was conceived by the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities. Promoting intercultural learning, Likrat facilitates visits to Swiss schools by Jewish adolescents who talk about Judaism there and engage with their peers of different religions in discussions on religious and social issues. This seems a promising way of effectively reducing stereotypes and preventing anti-Semitism.”


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